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Dunnamaggin GAA insurance Policy 2014

01 April 2014

Download a copy click here!!

Dunnamaggin  GAA Club – Insurance Policy 2014


Each year when you
pay membership, you will be registered as a member of the GAA. This
automatically means that you are covered by the GAA Injury Scheme Insurance
Policy. You can read the policy on the following internet site;

Given the size of
our club and the costs associated with running our club and maintaining our
facilities each year, the club is not in a position to provide any cover for
any other expenses in excess of that set out in the GAA policy i.e. the cover
provided in respect of cost of medical expenses and/or loss of wages and will
be limited to the value set out in the GAA Injury Scheme Insurance Policy.

The only exception
to this is that while the GAA insurance policy does not cover the first €100
medical expenses of an injury claim, Dunnamaggin GAA club will cover this part
of all insurance claims. However, the club can only refund that €100 medical
expense to a member once we are in receipt of an invoice. If a player is
unfortunate enough to suffer more than one injury, the club will cover the
first €100 in medical expenses arising from each injury.

If you suffer an
injury whilst on club activity, the club can help you to make an insurance claim.
In relation to any  member who may have a
part-time or full-time job and has a claim for loss of earnings resulting from
an injury, the club can only make payment of wages to you once you have
presented the club with all documents necessary to make a claim from the
insurance company. When you advise the club of your intention to make a claim,
you will be given a list of the documents required. The club can then pay you a
maximum of €500 once all documentation has been received from you. Once the
club receives payment from the insurance company, the club will retain the
amount of money already paid to you by the club, and then the balance of the
money paid out by the insurance company will be paid to you.

In respect of loss
of wages, the GAA policy provides the following cover;

Week 1 – Nil

Weeks 2 – 4 – up
to €200 maximum

Weeks 5-52 – up to
€400 maximum

The club cannot
pay any wages over the values set out above as per the policy. Please note that
a member must be working a set minimum number of hours each week to be in a
position to claim loss of earnings – details are on the above website.

Please also note
that there is a time limit from the date of the injury within which a claim
needs to be made. Therefore, if you do wish to make a claim, please contact our
club Insurance Officer – Andrew O’ Neill 087 9505173 - as soon as possible. If
the deadline has passed, your claim will not be successful and so the club will
not be able to make payment to you.

There are a number
of insurance companies who offer additional insurance - if you do not think the
GAA cover is adequate, you should put in place your own private cover.

If you have any
questions, please contact any officer of the juvenile club or our club
Insurance Officer – Andrew O’ Neill 087 9505173.