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I've Got your back

08 December 2015

‘I’ve Got Your Back’.

RTE ‘Young People’s’ brand new quiz show for all the family


‘I’ve Got Your Back’ The new game show where we ask ‘How well do you know what your family know?’


We’re looking for young team leaders, aged between 9 and 11 to apply now and you’ll need four teammates to join you.


Who would you have on your team? Is your clever aunty up to date on all the celebrity gossip? Is Dad the sports guru in the house? Could Mum get you out of a sticky question on current affairs? Is your older brother or sister really as smart as they say they are?


The more questions your team gets right, the higher up the prize board you will climb. It’s up to you to nominate a team mate to answer the questions, so choose carefully. Will Uncle Joe really know how many Number 1’s Justin Bieber had?


If you think your family, your aunties and uncles, or cousins have what it takes to win you some great prizes, then we want to hear from you.

Our new show for TRTÉ will be recorded in February in Dublin.


So, who do YOU trust? Who would have YOUR back?  If you think you and your gang have what it takes then apply now


Closing date for applications is Wednesday January 6th


Auditions will take place mid January.